27 April 2018

Signs of Spring!

Well, either spring has arrived in SE Nebraska, or we are being cruelly deceived by Mother Nature. It got up to almost 70 yesterday and neared 80 today. In fact, yesterday was warm enough that we took the Household Canine for a run out by Clatonia Lake. That is a definite sign of spring, since my Cuter and Shorter half considers anything less than about 60 to be 'too cold' for outdoor activities like taking Max for a run.

And, since I started this post, we've gone out again, this time to a road next the river. Here's the Big Blue River, which isn't very blue anymore.

As we were tramping through the woods yesterday, we saw two or three deer carcasses in varying states of decomposition. Unfortunately, many of the deer in the area suffer from wasting disease. We also found an intact rib cage from a fawn or a small doe. My Cuter & Shorter Half collects 'found objects', interesting rocks, sea shells from visits to our daughter in Southern California, antique bottles, etc. and uses them as yard decorations. Here's the deer's ribcage, with a daffodil blooming over it.

Here are more daffodils. The crocuses are gone, and the tulips and iris are not budding yet. The peonies, of which we have many, are just coming up.

In this one, taken by my Cuter & Shorter Half, you can clearly see some of her found objects.

Here is what a closeup of a daffodil looks like, again taken by my C&SH.

Image may contain: flower, plant, nature and outdoor

And here is a shot of a spiraea blossom from the bush by the house, taken by my C&SH. When I first saw the picture, I asked her where there were roses blooming! I guess I've never paid close attention to spiraea flowers!

And the surest sign of spring! I'm slowly getting the garden turned. I'm using a potato fork, but with my COPD, I can only turn three or four forkfulls before I get winded, but it's slowly coming along. A few more beautiful days like yesterday and today, and I'll have it finished.

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