12 August 2018

Roger Buck: Episode 8 - Hilaire Belloc, the Anglosphere and Catholic Tradition

I have been derelict in keeping up to date with Mr Buck's videos. I apologise! This was posted in July lat year. I promise to do better!

Here is Mr Buck's introduction to this video.

Speaking of Hilaire Belloc in 1953, Frank Sheed said "More than any other man, Belloc made the English-speaking Catholic world in which all of us live. There was Chesterton, of course, but then Belloc had so much to do with the making of Chesterton, and Chesterton not much with the making of Belloc". This video offers an introduction to the life and times of the great Hilaire Belloc and his unique understanding of the Anglosphere. More than the most, Belloc foresaw how the loss of Catholic tradition in the British Empire and America would have mortal effects, ranging from a new Paganism arising - now visible in today’s New Age Movement - to the crippling effects of the Globalist and Capitalist banking centres of Wall Street and London. Topics touched on include G. K. Chesterton, Distributism as well as Catholic France, Catholic Ireland and Catholic Spain. The video is by Roger Buck, who is the author of two books, which are profound indebted to Belloc: The Gentle Traditionalist and Cor Jesu Sacratissimum: From Secularism and the New Age to Christendom Renewed - both published by Angelico Press. An American by birth, he now lives in the northwest of Ireland, searching for ways to preserve Irish Catholic culture.
He also authors this traditional Catholic website with his wife Kim: http://corjesusacratissimum.org His various online articles about Hilaire Belloc can be found at that site here: http://corjesusacratissimum.org/tag/h....

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