28 April 2018

A Point About Historical Perspective

A video made four years ago, before Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans were murdered, but it addresses the same point. It is from 'Lindybeige', one of my favourite YouTube channels. Unlike most channels, his is all over the place, dealing with a wide variety of topics. I began watching him because he is a former (?) historical re-enactor and often discusses mediæval weaponry. He also has a fascinating website at Lloydian Aspects which, like his YouTube channel, is all over the place. The menu on his website is headed 'The menu: Click the subject by which you are least repelled'!

I clicked on this video because of my abiding interest in history. I expected something along the lines of the French historical school of the histoire de mentalities. I was quite wrong! It does deal with culture, but in a way that is quite surprising. I highly recommend his website and his channel.

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