22 April 2020

Monarchist Reading List

An old friend of mine has compiled a reading list for monarchists. I'm posting it and then linking it in the 'For Monarchists' in the sidebar. I've added an asterisk before each of the books I've read. 

Obviously, I have a lot of reading to do in Biography, History, and Fiction!

His introduction to the list:

I’ve begun to compile a reading list which can serve as a foundation for anyone interested in seriously learning about the institution of monarchy. Please feel free to comment with any recommendations and I will edit the original post to use as a master list from time to time.

A few things to note: Perhaps because monarchy was the natural status quo for so long,there is comparatively little in the realm of political discourse which defends monarchic government as a central subject, so in the Political Theory section I’ve included works that may focus on other topics but from which a great deal about monarchy and traditional forms of government may be gleaned (ie. Hoppe’s Democracy, The God that Failed). Likewise with biography and history, I’ve included books whose authors may not be sympathetic to their subjects, but nonetheless provide valuable resources. I don’t endorse everything all of these authors have written, and I think everyone here is intelligent enough to use their own discretion and common sense. The list is a work in progress- perhaps some of these titles will generate discussion on their value to studying monarchy.

I’m sticking with English-language works for now - resources from other languages I’ll list by their English translation

Political Theory

Liberty or Equality, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

The Intelligent American's Guide to Europe, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
*Star-Spangled Crown, Charles Coulombe
*The End of Democracy, Christophe Buffin de Chosal
Democracy, the God that Failed, Hans-Hermann Hoppe
*Revolution and Counterrevolution, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
*Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
*Essays on Catholicism, Liberalism and Socialism, Considered in their Fundamental Principles, Juan Donoso Cortés
*On Monarchy (De Monarchia), Dante Alighieri
Liberty, the God that Failed, Christopher Ferrera
Considerations on France, Joseph de Maistre
*Essay on the Generative Principle of Constitutions, Joseph de Maistre
*On Kingship (De Regno), St Thomas Aquinas
On the Government of Rulers (De Regimine Principum), Ptolemy of Lucca


Charles V, Archduke Otto von Habsburg
Wilhelm II: A Life in Power, Christopher Clarke
The Innocence of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Christina Croft
Imprudent King: A New Life of Philip II, Geoffrey Parker
Uncrowned Emperor: The Life and Times of Otto von Habsburg, Gordon Brook-Shepherd
Maximilian and Carlota: Europe's Last Empire in Mexico, M.M. McAllen
*Nicholas and Alexandra, Robert K. Massie
*Peter the Great, Robert K. Massie
Catherine the Great, Robert K, Massie
*A Heart for Europe: The Lives of Charles and Zita of Austria-Hungary, Joanna Bogle
The Shah, Abbas Milani


The Romanovs, Simon Sebag-Montefiore
The Romanovs: The Final Chapter, Robert K. Massie
Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia 1600-1947, Christopher Clarke
The Habsburgs: Embodying Empire, Andrew Wheatcroft
The Habsburg Empire: A New History, Pieter M. Judson
For God and Kaiser: The Imperial Austrian Army, 1619-1918, Richard Basset
The Holy Roman Empire: A Short History, Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger
The Grand Strategy of the Habsburg Empire, A. Wess Mitchell
1917: Red Banners, White Mantle, Warren H. Carrol

Literary fiction and Misc.

The Radetzky March, Joseph Roth
The World of Yesterday, Stefan Zweig
Shattered Crowns Trilogy, Christina Croft

  1. Shattered Crowns: The Scapegoats (Shattered Crowns Trilogy Book 1)
  2. Shattered Crowns: The Sacrifice (Shattered Crowns Trilogy Book 2)
  3. Shattered Crowns: The Betrayal (Shattered Crowns Trilogy Book 3)

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