25 April 2018

Chevalier Charles Coulombe on the Anti-Smoking Hysteria

I smoked for 45 years. As a result, I have stage four chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and I'm sure that smoking was a major contributory cause to the two heart attacks I've had and the resulting congestive heart failure from which I suffer. I am still addicted to nicotine, being a regular user of Swedish snus.

However, I am not an 'anti-smoker', let alone hysterical. My Cuter and Shorter Half is still a smoker and our middle son is also. Whilst I will point out to my friends who smoke the possible deleterious effects of the habit and will happily give suggestions on how to quit smoking, I am not a zealot who nags.

I see the whole anti-smoking campaign as one more effort by the fascistic 'nanny State' to extend control over our lives, and I oppose it.


  1. I'm sorry that all happened, I watched my poor dad suffer for decades because of his poor genetics and smoking. People will listen to you, you're now the voice of experience. God bless you.

    1. Kathleen, the stupid thing is that I didn't start smoking until I was 22, and I was fully aware that my Dad had died at 42 from lung problems. I haven't a cigarette in over three years however, and whilst I don't nag, I do encourage my friends to quit.

  2. The anti-smoking hysteria is an excellent example of the inversion of vice: major vices (which are materially evil) like sodomy, adultery, and avarice are lauded, while minor vices (which are morally neutral and can be legitimate goods in their own right) like smoking and drinking are considered grave evils. This happened some fifty years ago, and it has gotten now to the point where even things which are moral goods are considered evil. I don't think you could have convinced a generation of the "evil" of holiness without first convincing them of the "evil" of legitimate goods (e.g.: tobacco use) first.


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