23 April 2018

Anger as Council Officials Say UK City is ‘Too Multicultural’ to Celebrate St George’s Day

Below is a link to a story from two years ago which illustrates what I meant in my post on St George's Day when I said,
His Feast Day is the only Feast of a National Patron of the United Kingdom that gets ignored. St Andrew (30 November, Scotland), St Patrick (17 March, Northern Ireland), and St David (1 March, Wales) are all either public holidays or are honoured very publicly. In the case of St George, it is considered 'racist' to honour him, because it might imply that one is actually proud of being English!
From the Express

Bristol, according to the 2011 census is over 75% 'white, British', but that massive majority of people are not to celebrate their Patron Saint because it might 'offend' someone in the minority!

'Multiculturalism' means honouring and protecting all alien cultures whilst subjecting the host culture to a lingering death!

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