06 July 2018

Roger Buck: Episode 7 - Cultural Madness, Hilaire Belloc and the Catholic Mystery

I must be honest. I had prepared myself a snack, opened a beer, and settled back in my chair to watch this video. As soon as it opened, Mr Buck warned that it contained sickening subject matter, the tale of a seven year old 'transgender' child! The very thought of the vicious abuse being visited upon these defenseless children by their unthinking, cruel, 'politically correct', left-wing, and unbelieving 'parents' makes me nauseous. As a result, I could not watch it, as I've done with every other video I've posted, regardless of topic. However, if you have the stomach for it, I'm sure Mr Buck has great wisdom to share.

Here is his introduction to it.

In 1938, the great Hilaire Belloc declared "Either the Catholic Church (now rapidly becoming the only place wherein the traditions of civilization are understood and defended) will be reduced by her modern enemies to political impotence, to numerical insignificance, and, so far as public appreciation goes, to silence; or the Catholic Church will, in this case as throughout the past ... recover and extend her authority, and will rise once more to the leadership of civilization which she made.” In this video, Roger Buck, author of The Gentle Traditionalist, addresses the terrifying grip of an increasingly pathological Political Correctness and Liberal ideology that progressively fosters genuine madness. He looks at Belloc, the grimmer half of the Chesterbelloc, who was less sanguine than G. K. Chesterton - but arguably more prophetic. And like Belloc, who so deeply inspires him, Buck places his only hope for the survival of the West in the Catholic Mystery and Catholic Tradition. Topics also featured include the slowly-dying Modernism of the so-called “Spirit of Vatican II" and the plight of innocent children trapped in a culture that has normalised transgenderism.

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  1. The fact you feel the pain of this so intensely only makes me respect you more. I can't recall the video too well right now, but suspect that if you skipped ten minutes on I'd been finished with that topic and onto the great Belloc. But can't absolutely guarantee it. Again, thank you, friend.


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