14 June 2021

Roger Buck: Episode 9 - From Findhorn to the Catholic Mystery

Mr Buck discusses his journey from New Age activist to Traditional  Catholic.

Roger Buck, a former member of the international New Age community of Findhorn, Scotland recalls his life there, as well as his long years as a New Age activist - prior to discovering the Catholic Mystery. Buck discusses the origins of Findhorn and how he experienced the community starting with his first visit in 1980 and during the nearly three years in which he later lived there. He also addresses the spiritual hunger New Agers face in a materialistic wasteland, deprived of the transcendent power of the Sacraments of the Church. Topics also include the Eastern esoteric roots of the New Age and Findhorn in the Theosophy born of Helena P. Blavatsky (pictured above) and Alice Bailey whose Theosophy profoundly influenced such Findhorn pioneers as Peter Caddy and David Spangler and which Buck once consumed avidly himself. Roger Buck is a Catholic convert as well as the author of three books published by Angelico Press. An American by birth, he now lives in the northwest of Ireland, searching for ways to preserve Irish Catholic culture.

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