25 April 2018

My Email to Teresa May, PM of the UK, and Others, Regarding Alfie Evans

If you would like to join me in protesting the murder of this child, here is the contact information for the Prime Minister, Mrs May, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (Minister of Health), Mr Jeremy Hunt, and the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom:

EMAIL: British Prime Minister Theresa May demanding that Alfie-now a citizen of Italy- be released to allow for transfer to the Italian hospital which has offered him care!
Contact the Prime Minister

Email AND Call (020) 7219 6813 the UK Heath minister, Jeremy Hunt huntj@parliament.uk

Email the UK General Medical Council so that they understand how bad this is making the UK Health system look

Dear Prime Minister, Mr Hunt, and Ladies and Gentlemen of the General Medical Council,

My Mother was a Hampshire woman, born and bred. Even tho' she married an American soldier, and I was born in the US, I was raised to love and respect the Motherland. I have done so for 70 years.

Now? I'm ashamed to admit that I'm half English. I find it impossible to grasp the fact that the Her Majesty's Government and Courts are complicit in what can only be called murder!

I am hoping and praying that you will show some common, decent humanity and allow Alfie Evans to be taken to Italy as soon as possible.

I am,


Jovan Weismiller

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