29 April 2018

A Short Hiatus

I posted a day or two ago about signs of spring. It seems to be here at least for a few days. As a result, my Cuter & Shorter Half and I (and the Household Canine) are going camping for one night.

I was in the process of writing two fairly lengthy posts, one on the leftist identity of fascism and naziism, and a follow up to my earlier post on constitutional vs absolute monarchy, but those will have to wait. So, I apologise that there will be no substantive posts from the Old Curmudgeon until I return.


  1. Have fun and watch out for ticks, they're out!
    As someone who knows little about the monarchy, I read with interest some history at Vox Cantoris about where it all went wrong for Catholic monarchs in England. I hope you write more about that. That topic is not common knowledge I'm sure, but it's always interesting to see where Catholicism was a factor in history, and how things changed after it.

  2. Kathleen, take a look at my latest post. The ticks are indeed out.

  3. And keep an eye out. I should have that monarchy post I mentioned done in a day or so.


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