21 January 2018

Vive la mémoire du Roi Martyr!

Today is the 225th anniversary of the murder of Louis XVI, By the Grace of God, Most Christian King of France and Navarre; Count of Provence, Forcalquier and the lands adjacentDauphin of Viennois, Count of Valentinois and of Diois.

For this heinous crime, for the murder of the Queen and other members of the Royal Family, for the Reign of Terror, for the genocide in the Vendée, in Brittany and Maine, for the deChristianisation of France, and for the many more general crimes of the Revolution, the original perpetrators have already faced the Judge of the Court of Heaven.

Their successors for the last 225 years, including the House of Orleans, have much to answer for as well.

Long live the Most High, Most Potent and Most Excellent Prince, Louis XXby the Grace of God, King of France and of NavarreMost Christian Majesty.


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