19 January 2018

The Household Canine's New, More Aristocratic Name

Having watched the Household Canine jump as he barks at squirrels, I have decided he needs a new, more aristocratic name. Henceforth, Maximus Barker shall be known as Maximus Barker-Leaper, or in Latin, Maximus Latrator-Desultor.


  1. Maximum Barker Leaper is bored, being an intelligent personage he finds being confined dull, and yearns to break free and exercise his robust limbs. He wishes to prance and dig and then afterwards, find a spot by the fire and curl up. But he must run and play and be with his person, whom he probably adores.

    1. The fascinating thing is that when we take him for a run by the river or out to the lake he never barks. He runs, checks for 'markings' and marks his own territory. The problem he has on his lead in the yard is that the squirrels and rabbits know exactly how far he can go. They actually tease him! There's a squirrel in the maple tree that shows in some of the pictures who will hang on the back of the tree, poke his head round to get Max to bark, and then duck back until the barking stops. The repeat, ad infinitum until I take Max inside.


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