20 January 2018

More About Maximus

Every day when my Cuter and Shorter Half leaves for work, she throws some dog biscuits or similar homemade treats on the floor for the Household Canine. Today, she was in a hurry and only threw two or three biscuits. I helped her carry two large boxes out to the car, and when I came back in the house, he was standing, staring at the box of biscuits on top of the freezer. I could just imagine what he was thinking! 'If only I could figure out how to get to that box!'

Later after the C&SH got home, I took him outside for a bit. When I bring him in, the first thing he always does is run to her. Today, she decided to play with his head. When we came in, he ran as usual, straight to the bedroom. She was in the closet, but he obviously didn't smell her, because he took one look, ran into the kitchen and looked around, and then nosed the washroom door open. Not there either! He was totally confused until she came out of her hidey-hole!

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