18 January 2018

New Monarchist Think Tank in the US!

There's a new kid on the block! The Center (sic) for the Study of Monarchy, Traditional Governance, and Sovereignty, of  The International Strategic Studies Association.

Here is a link to their home page. I strongly suggest my readers take a look at it.

The Center (sic) for the Study of Monarchy, Traditional Governance, and Sovereignty

They also have  a 'Resource Page' with a great deal of useful information. Take a look!


They also have pages on Websites of Royal Houses and Websites of Monarchist and Royalist Organizations (sic).

Be warned, however! Whilst they do list the site of  L’Institut de la Maison de Bourbon , an organisation dedicated to the restoration of His Most Christian Majesty Louis XX to the Throne of his forefathers, I can find no listing for a site on the 'Royal Houses' page. On the other hand, they not only list the usurping, revolutionary, Freemasonic House of Orleans, they list the websites of several groups dedicated to depriving the Legitimate King of his Throne in the event of a restoration in France, and replacing him with a Freemason.

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