24 January 2018


As I mention in my profile, I am a Carmelite Tertiary. By permission, I try to follow the pre-Vatican II Rule which was finalised in the seventeenth century. It binds me to the recitation of the daily Rosary and the Little Office of Our Lady. It provides, however, that if a Tertiary recites the full Divine Office he is dispensed from the Little office. Since I prefer the variety of the Divine Office, I usually say that, but recently I have been following an older discipline and reciting them both. Being a retired Old Curmudgeon has its advantages! I can remember, when the children were small, trying to find time to even say the much shorter Little Office. Now, I have more than enough time to say both.

So what does this have to do with Adoration? Well, Wednesday evenings are CCD nights in our Parish, and our Pastor is a great apostle of the Eucharist. As I posted several months ago, on our Patronal Feast we had a Eucharistic Procession through town, because Father said we should give our greatest Gift to our fellow citizens, Our Lord in the Blessed Eucharist.

So, this evening, in order to teach the children about the Eucharist we had Adoration and Benediction. I took the opportunity to anticipate Matins and Lauds of both Offices and to say my Rosary before Our Lord on the Altar. 

It was amazing! Since I am free most afternoons, I plan on making a habit of visiting the Church to recite my Rosary and part of my Office. The Blessed Eucharist will not be exposed, but praying in the physical Presence of Our Lord, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity is so much more intense than praying at home, that I would be stupid to forego the opportunity.

I highly suggest my readers try it. It is truly wonderful.

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