19 January 2018

La Marseillaise des Blancs (Marseillaise of the Whites)- A Royalist Marseillaise

Replacing the vile, revolutionary, racist words of the Republican anthem les Armées catholique et royale (the Royal and Catholic Armies) of the Vendée and the Chouannerie marched to these words. Ironically, in light of subsequent history, they were also referred to as l'Armée Rouge (the Red Army) because of the emblem they wore sewn on their breast as they marched into battle.
Emblem of the Sacred Heart worn by the
Royal and Catholic Armies

The genocide of the Catholic Royalists in the West of France has neither been forgotten by the people of Brittany, Maine and the Vendée, nor has it ever been acknowledged by the Revolutionary government of France. The general commanding les bleus (the Revolutionary army) reported to Paris that his men had bayoneted the pregnant women of the rebellion so that they would give birth to no more 'Counter-Revolutionaries'. For that, he was decorated by the Revolutionary government!

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