Thursday, 2 December 2021

Francis Plans Bloodbath: Roman Rite Communities Will Be FORCED Into Novus Ordo

Remember, in early July, Traditionis Custodes was 'just a rumour' derided by many as evidence of a nutter, paranoid conspiracy theory.


Michael Charlier writes on (30 November) that measures will be announced before the end of 2021 to force all Roman Rite communities into the Novus Ordo.

Charlier has published accurate reports and predictions in the past. Francis wants to "return" the Roman Rite communities "to the single mode of celebration" of the New Pseudo-Rite, before publishing regulations for Traditionis Custodes.

According to Charlier, papal delegates will be sent to these communities. Unlike commissioners, they won't replace existing superiors but will be their superiors. Their mandate is "to reconcile" their communities "with the spirit of the Council".

As a first step, presiding the Eucharist will be ordered to totally replace the celebration of Mass so that these priests can subsequently be integrated into Novus Ordo pastoral work.

The public celebration of Mass, which is still permitted for the time being, will be entrusted only to Novus Ordo priests who are faithful to the failed Council. Roman Rite priests will only be allowed to celebrate Mass internally and in exceptional cases. The administration of the other sacraments will be forbidden.

The papal delegates are not authorised to be flexible and to negotiate with the communities. Rigidity, legalism and refusal of dialogue will reign.

Charlier assumes that the "papal delegates" will succeed in subduing "parts and probably majorities of the leadership of some communities" but not a "large majority" of the members, thus "the communities will break up - which may well be in the spirit of Francis' strategy."


  1. The TLM communities are about to suffer what 98% of Catholics have been forced to suffer for over 50 years. They showed no compassion to their brothers & sisters during that time & if they had done so instead of calling us names we did not deserve, then these times may never have come to pass. Once they were able to somehow get to a traditional church they were OK. Those that were not, as there were none, were no longer Catholic in their eyes. On the brighter side I believe the fall of Rome to be near to hand & when Our Lady's Triumph (for which I pray every day) will begin then all Catholics will have the Mass of Ages, not just a miserly few in selected places.

  2. What can "papal delegates" do about the Society of St. Piux the Tenth?

  3. I think you guys have hit the nail on the head on this. I have been just about everywhere seeking out the Latin mass. Just when you think you find a home someone always pulls the carpet out from under you! I currently I attend the ICKSP in Rockford Illinois and I can sure see the headlights of that express train coming.

    The last Sunday of Pentecost the rector, Father O'Brien says Bishop Malloy wants you all to write your State Rep and Senator about how they voted for that horrible bill removing parental consent if a minor wants an abortion.  Canon even had a list of all the politicians in the back.  Great on Canon's part but then he starts talking about how pro life Malloy is.  I find that strange, Malloy may claim he is pro life but by the same token he has no problems with people taking the abortion laden vaccine.  Talks out of both sides of the mouth. Malloy not canon.   Then last Sunday, the first Sunday of advent.
    Canon starts off his sermon about the confirmations last Saturday.  Malloy confirmed them.  That pretty much made me sick to my stomach.  Of all people the Latin mass hating Malloy.  THEN O'brien again starts to heap praise on Malloy.  He says Malloy spent a lot of time in the rectory and loves the work we are doing here at St. Marys.  Then the kicker....................wait for it......................."The bishop has our back".  I almost fell out of my pew!  Tell that to all the orthodox priests sitting in his gulag, especially Fr. Parker the last one he threw under his bus.  I figure either one of two things is going on here.  O'brien is young, about 30, only ordained about 3 years.  He has only just arrived in the Rockford diocese about two months ago so he does not know what Malloy is capable of.
    Second senario is more sinister, I think the institute is getting ready to sell out big time.  I think they will do anything to keep their little world in tack at least partially after Traditiones Custodas.  We will probably see them changing the missal to comply more with what Francis wants.  I think they are like the Jews in 1930s Germany.  Ah, its only Hitler, this will all blow over soon enough.  Ah its only Francis, he will be gone soon and we can get back to normal.
    For Our Ladys feast day this Wednesday I will be attending mass at a chapel with a Bishop Thuc ordained priest. I think I will be casting my lot in with him. Talk about wandering Jews! LOL


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