26 December 2021

Cardinal Gerald Lacroix: NO Mass, NO Christmas, NO Epiphany FOR YOU!

'Friends, we should thank Almighty God for using corona to smoke out these wolves in sheep's clothing.'  The false shepherds masquerading as our Bishops.

From Toronto Catholic Witness

By Barona

The Catholics of Quebec have Judas Iscariot's "spiritual son" loose in their midst: he is the Archbishop of Quebec, sitting, nay profaning and desecrating the cathedra of the sainted Francois de Laval.

His pretext for boarding up churches for the SECOND year in a row is "omi-cold" (omicron), a coronavirus variant that seems to have genetic components of SARS-CoV2 and other RNA viruses (e.g. enteroviruses). Contrary to the lies being spread, gene therapy-based vaccines - given the spike protein specific design - are useless against this common cold (as are vaccines against any constantly mutating coronavirus) being pushed as a new killer "black death" virus. Hence, the lock downs, the demolition of civil liberties, the destruction of small business, the pushing of the techno-authoritarian State, the glorification of fascism, and most importantly, the attacks on the public worship of God.

So, in light of this massive fraud perpetrated by the neo-feudal oligarchs, their political and presstitute pawns, we have them being joined by the very men who should be standing up and exposing this evil. Alas, we have the churchmen, from the pope on down working as agents for this neo-feudal new world order.

So it was that a couple of days ago, the long suffering remnant of Catholics in Quebec City awoke to read a letter from Gerald Lacroix informing them that he had taken the decision to place them under an interdict; suppress all Masses to at least January 10th because such Masses are "risky gatherings". Further, denying Catholics of Mass and the Sacraments is, according to this cretin, "...a strong gesture of solidarity" with "vulnerable people" and the "entire health network...". My, my, I had no idea that suppressing the Holy Mysteries was beneficial to the vulnerable etc.

The morbidly obese Lacroix (can anyone explain why SO MANY bishops are obese, with multiple comorbidities?), not content with knifing the faithful, proceeds to spit in their faces with a brazen corrupting of history. This creature informs Catholics he is but merely doing what the bishops did during the Spanish Flu Crisis, claiming it was a "similar situation". He is LYING!

Yes, the churches were briefly closed, but Lacroix left out the CRUCIAL fact: over 150 people were dying per day in Montreal (in today's numbers that would be 1000+ per day) for a period of two weeks.

But it gets worse, far worse: HE ALSO LEFT OUT THE SPIRITUAL RESPONSE.

During the Spanish Flu the Blessed Sacrament was carried through the streets; priests brought the Blessed Sacrament to the faithful in their homes. The faithful were encouraged to pray the Rosary every day. All of these are completely absent in the Letter. Lacroix does NOT even mention the Holy Name of Jesus, even less proclaiming he will lead a Eucharistic Procession through the streets of Quebec City, and that all priests will be ordered to bring Holy Communion to the faithful.

Friends, we should thank Almighty God for using corona to smoke out these wolves in sheep's clothing. Let us keep Quebec Catholics in our prayers. Also, let us never, for ONE MOMENT think of leaving the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

The episcopal seats may but be briefly occupied by the spiritual heirs of Caiphas and Judas, but we must stay with our Mother the Church in Her dark hour of need. She needs US by Her bedside; not these evil, wicked creatures, who in their words and action declare themselves with each passing day to be the enemies of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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