29 December 2021

Meet Christ, The Layman: Why Archbishop Castillo Mattasoglio Is More FrancisDumb Than Francis

Mundabor has some thoughts on the Archbishop who denies the High Priesthood of Christ and that Christ sacrificed himself for our sins.

From Mundabor's Blog

Archbishop Castillo Mattasoglio must have studied in the same seminary as the Evil Clown. How do I know it? Because he thinks that Jesus was, and died, a layman.

The mind boggles when put in front of error of this scale, and this from an Archbishop.

Unless the guy is totally demented, and I mean by that “worse than Biden”-demented, he must know that Christ is King and Sovereign Priest. There is even an institute ( the ICKSP) which actually has this concept in its name, so that even dumb bishops may easily remember.

But it is not only this: just by memory I remember being told the following: 1) that the Roman soldiers played the dice for Jesus’ garments, because those were the dice Jesus, as it was typical of a high priest, would carry in his pocket; Jesus would carry the dice in his pocket (a symbol of the unpredictability of the moment of death) exactly to show his office as High priest. 2) that Jesus’ tunic was an expensive tunic without seams, which is the reason why the tunic wasn’t torn apart and was gambled away, via the dice, whole. Again, I was told that the seamless tunic was a typical garment of a high priest. 3) When Jesus asks Peter to go and fish the fish in whose mouth he will find the coin to pay for both Jesus’ and Peter’s temple tax, Jesus points out to Peter that, as the King’s Son, he does not need to pay the tax. However, I was told years ago that the high priest was exempt from the tax, too. In this perspective, therefore, Christ would not have paid the tax before also because, as the high priest, he did not have to. Plus, there are scriptural sources like Hebrews. Plus, there are two thousand years of theology.

I am sure I forget a lot.

Summa Summarum: there is no way that this guy could say that Jesus “dies as a layman who gives hope to humanity” without having the explicit intention of sabotaging Christ’s Office as a Priest.

Why the heck he does this, it is more difficult to discern.

He probably lost his faith a long time ago. I have seen it many times that, when these prelates lose the faith, they start de-Christianising Christianity so that they may feel better about their own lack of faith. Everything must be brought down to the natural level: Christ the social worker, Christ the rebel, Christ the “good guy” that “does what is right” and, obviously, Christ the fighter against climate change.

Does Castillo hate Christ? Likely. This kind of disregard for Christ must have come from somewhere. Calling Jesus a layman is not something that “slips”. It is something that you must go out and invent for yourself. It can only have been highly intentional, and fully premeditated. Try to recall when it was the last time that anybody called Christ “a layman”. I honestly have no recollection whatsoever. I think even Francis in a fernet-drunken state would get the concept.

You read about these people and you really wonder what is wrong with them.

Perhaps we are here confronted with way more than FrancisDumb.

We are, perhaps, confronted with FrancisEvil.

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