27 February 2018

What Muslims Believe...

with citations from the Quran.


  1. What we need is good dialogue with followers of Islam.
    It is our Christian duty to fill the West with them.
    Anyone who disagrees is hateful and not Catholic.
    The above is what our church now endorses.
    Here's the really crazy part, people believe that.

  2. B... b... but that's OK, because Islam is a religion of peace. Doesn't Jesus say: Take them all in, share your bread, your house and your life with them, the good and the bad?
    Oh, it was Jorge Bergoglio, who said that. He is more current, more attuned to the spirit of the times, always listening to... well, he calls it the Holy Spirit.
    Take them in, when they mean to islamize your child, take them in, when they mean to overthrow Christianity. take them in, when they rape your daughter, take them in, when they call you an infidel dog, and when they throw your dog out the window (an unclean animal, have some respect).


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