27 July 2018

Word of the Day: Scapular Medal

SCAPULAR MEDAL. A blessed medal, worn or carried on the person, instead of one or more of the small scapulars. It was authorized as a substitute by St. Pius X in 1910. It bears on one side a representation of the Sacred Heart, and on the other an image of the Blessed Virgin. It replaces any (or all) of the small scapulars in which a person has been invested. Investing in each case must be done with the scapular and not the medal. The medal is to be blessed by a priest who has faculties for each scapular investiture.
Father does not mention that St Pius instituted the Scapular Medal as a substitutes for the small Scapulars basically as in indult for people in the tropics, where the cloth Scapular might be uncomfortable, not as a general replacement.

I've mentioned that I wear the Scapular Medal to replace the Four Small Scapulars of the Five that I'm invested in because the cords of a second Scapular, were I to wear a Fivefold, would get tangled with those of my Tertiary Scapular. The Scapular Medal does not substitute for the Tertiary Scapular. However, I live in the Great Plains of the United States. Temperatures of 100 F (38 C) are not uncommon during high summer, and it can be quite humid as well. I have never felt that it would be necessary to use the Medal, even if I wasn't wearing the large Scapular, and I'm sure it's much more uncomfortable than the small Scapular.

I'm not sure if Father's 'Dictionary' was written before the change, or he just made a small mistake, but any Priest with faculties now has faculties for investing in the small Scapulars.

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