26 July 2018

Lock Him Up! The Predator’s Progeny

Farrell, confidant of perverts, keeps digging himself into an ever deeper hole. If the man had the sense God gave a pisant, he'd resign and drop out of the public eye. 

Don't forget that Francis appointed this enabler of vicious perverts to be Prefect of the Pontifical Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, and to be the head of the Synod on the Youth. Will his perverted pals be cruising the youth attending the Synod to present their concerns?

The author of the article says, 'Francis owns this scandal from start to finish.' One of the commenters states, 'Jorge Bergoglio doesn't "own" anything. Maybe that's why he chose the name, Francis', which pretty well sums it up. He promotes known perverts and corrupt men to high office because he views himself, not as the Servant of the Servants of God and the Chief Shepherd of Christ's Church, but as Chevalier Henry Sire, SMOM so succinctly puts itThe Dictator Pope.

From The Remnant

'Where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth' ~An old Irish Proverb

His dismissive arrogance oozes off the computer screen. He barely can contain his congenial disdain for this meddlesome matter. One scant minute is all he can muster to defend, distance and obscure his friendship with a sexual monster. Yet, 60 seconds is all we need to see this calloused soul, this lilliputian of a man with his mediocre and mendacious mind, who rose from the clerical ranks to Vatican heights.
This is the man chosen to head the Synod on the Youth? This is the man to shape the Catholic soul of our children?
This is the man who can’t even utter one syllable about the danger to children of the Church’s worse serial predator Cardinal?
Cardinal Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Pontifical Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life should be feeling the heat from the McCarrick Scandal. Yet, his pathetic and perfunctory performance in his ‘defense video’ suggests otherwise.
After all, reports are flooding the news cycle of Farrell’s close relationship and his deep admiration for the now exposed serial predator Cardinal “Uncle Ted” McCarrick.
As auxiliary bishop of Washington D.C., Kevin Farrell lived in the same apartment with DC Cardinal McCarrick for 6 years from 2001-2007. This inconvenient fact poses a serious perception and demographic problem. Being a roommate of the notorious sexual predator, necessarily tarnishes a much needed squeaky clean image.
How close were Farrell and McCarrick? Cardinal McCarrick offered lavish praise on Farrell when he became Bishop of Dallas. McCarrick described his relationship with Farrell accordingly: “He is a good friend and has been a great brother to me. In the past six years, I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Bishop Farrell.” When no skin was in the game, McCarrick was very clear, the two prelates worked together and slept under the same roof together…for six long years!
What kind of esteem does Kevin Farrell hold for his mentor and roomie, Ted McCarrick?
Despite his shrugged shoulders in the video, the true and indelible answer to that question resides in Kevin Farrell’s unique and self-designed bishopric Coat of Arms. Farrell chose and designed a symbolic homage and distinct tribute to Cardinal McCarrick. He admired Ted McCarrick to such an extent that he crafted a coat of arms around Uncle Teddy’s own coat of arms. Farrell chose the lion rampant in the coat of arms “to honor Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop emeritus of Washington.” Is this a case of art imitating life?
Kevin Farrell owes his meteoric career to his roommate and mentor,Ted McCarrick. Equally troubling, Pope Francis takes the personnel advice of Ted McCarrick.
This notorious scenario poses a very sticky wicket for Pope Francis’ personal appointment of Kevin Farrell as Cardinal and as the prestigious Prefect of the laity and family dicastery to lead the upcoming Synod on the Young People.
Even the dull-witted Vatican press office senses that some distance is needed between the two former roommates, Farrell and McCarrick. Clearly, Farrell received the USCCB press office memo reminding all prelates to say that they were “shocked” by the McCormick sex molestation allegations.
As we have seen in the last 5 years of this pontificate, the Vatican is fond of short slick videos to promote its latest globalist agenda. So, the Vatican quickly arranged a video defense for Cardinal Farrell. In the 1:29 video, Farrell asserts that he, too, is “shocked and overwhelmed” by the McCarrick sexual abuse allegations. It went downhill from there.
The Farrell ‘defense video’ bombed.

Any forensic linguist and body language expert could easily debunk his protestations as self-serving and damning. If this is the Vatican’s idea of refuting the claims of Farrell and McCarrick’s close relationship, it’s about as persuasive as global warming is Magisterium.
After watching this video, aren’t you perplexed that Farrell submitted to this sit down with the camera? His fractured speech and rambling phrases are void of any veracity, rational thought or persuasion. Farrell hems and haws and couldn’t articulate any fully organized arguments. His pitiful performance fails miserably even under these most benign and non confrontational conditions.
Watch the video very carefully. In the span of one and half minutes, Farrell mentions “I” ten times, which only underscores the self serving purpose of the video. Farrell sputters irrelevant tangents, such as working at the chancery and never knowing McCarrick until he came to D.C., as feeble arguments for his lack of knowledge about McCarrick’s indiscretions. Not surprisingly, Farrell never mentions about living under the same roof as McCarrick for 6 years.
His disturbing pattern of disjointed speech, full of one word utterances exposes what trial lawyers call “conscience speak.”
The only sentence that Farrell managed to sputter out sounds strangely like self incrimination. At :58 near the end of the video clip, Farrell says, “I was heavily involved in Washington, in the whole, from 2000, on sex abuse.” Really? That sounds like a slip of the tongue, an admission of guilt.

Farrell’s ‘defense video’ serves as Exhibit #1 for the cover up. More importantly, Pope Francis owns this scandal from start to finish. Farrell and McCarrick are his close clerical cohorts. The Vatican thought the video would end this scandal. They didn’t anticipate that Farrell’s very own words indict him. Farrell should be immediately demoted and banished from ministry.
If you have any doubt, just check out the YouTube comments.

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