26 July 2018

Charles Coulombe on 'Bloody Mary'

A very powerful video! As an introduction here is the prologue I wrote to a post, Bad Queen Bess, sharing an article from from Fr Dwight Longenecker.

Last night, I was browsing YouTube when I ran across a standard smear job on Her Majesty Queen Mary I, under the common anti-Catholic,  protestant/secularist nickname of 'Bloody' Mary. So, I started doing a bit of research, and I discovered that as things went in those days, far from being 'bloody' she was quite unbloody! For example, here are the death tolls of the reigns of her father, her brother, and her own, with the average number, per year, of 'religious dissidents' killed.

  • Henry VIII – 72,000 divided by 37 years = 1945.94
  • Edward VI – 5,500 divided by 6 years = 916.66
  • Mary I – 284 divided by 5 years = 56.8

  • As you can see, Queen Mary killed just over 6% of the total her brother managed and not quite 3% of her father's total. In other words, the Catholic Queen was by far and away more merciful that her bloodthirsty protestant father and brother.

    Her sister, Elizabeth, who succeeded her, killed very few Catholics in England, but estimates of the Irish Catholics killed, dispossessed or exiled under her rule run as high as 1.5 million, so even her father and her brother pale before her lust for the blood of Catholics.

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