27 June 2018

Pro-Abortion Politician Allowed to Lead Communion in Her Local Catholic Church

Whilst this is a poorly written article with several contextual errors, it is nonetheless horrifying. This heretic who supports the murder of the unborn did not 'le(a)d her Catholic church in Mass on Saturday', but what she did do raises grave questions. And I see no evidence that she was 'allowed' to do so. Unless the Pastor was complicit, as I discuss below, it seems she just barged in and took over!

What she did was to lead an unauthorised 'Communion Service' which leads me to ask several questions. 

  1. Why has this anti-Catholic supporter of murder not already been excommunicated?
  2. How bad is the state of the Church in Ireland that a Pastor can be away from his Parish without being certain that there will be a supply Priest?
  3. And most importantly, how was she able to access the 'blessed bread', by which I assume the writer means the Sacred Host in which Christ is present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity?
Canon Law is quite clear that this was a violation. Canon 938 lays down, 
§3. The tabernacle in which the Most Holy Eucharist is reserved habitually is to be immovable, made of solid and opaque material, and locked in such a way that the danger of profanation is avoided as much as possible.
§4. For a grave cause, it is permitted to reserve the Most Holy Eucharist in some other fit-ting and more secure place, especially at night.
§5. The person responsible for the church or oratory is to take care that the key of the tabernacle in which the Most Holy Eucharist is reserved is safeguarded most diligently.
Therefore, I have to ask, how did this evil woman just waltz into a Parish Church and hold an unauthorised 'Communion Service'?

There seems to be only two possibilities,

  1. That the Pastor was fully aware that there was no supply Priest coming to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice and that he knew and approved of this sacrilege, or,
  2. That he is seriously derelict in his duty as Pastor and the custodian of the Most Holy Sacrament in his Church.
Whichever it is, it is incumbent on the Ordinary to take action, but given the silence of most of the Irish Hierarchy and their refusal to 'confirm the brethren in the Faith' I doubt that anything will be done. 

How long, O Lord, how long?!

From LifeNews

A prominent Irish abortion activist led her Catholic church in Mass on Saturday, despite advocating strongly against church teachings on the sanctity of life.
Irish Culture Minister Josepha Madigan was scheduled to give a reading during Mass at the Church of St. Therese in Mount Merrion, but when the priest did not show up for the service, she decided to lead it herself, according to the Irish Independent.
The pro-abortion politician reportedly led several hundred people in the Mass on Saturday evening.
Here’s more from the report:
It is understood Ms Madigan addressed the congregation from the altar, performing most elements of a normal Mass.
She did not read the Gospel or perform the consecration of the bread and wine, as these can only be carried out by a priest.
However, there was some pre-blessed bread in the church meaning Mass-goers were able to receive Communion. …
Local priest Fr Brian O’Reilly confirmed he was scheduled to be away and a replacement cleric did not materialise. He said he did not know the full circumstances behind Ms Madigan’s intervention as he was not present.
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Madigan claims that her faith is “extremely important” to her, but she repeatedly has ignored one of its most important teachings: Every human life is valuable. Instead, the pro-abortion politician pushed her country to strip unborn babies of all rights and allow abortion on demand.
Right now, Irish lawmakers are considering a proposal that would legalize abortion for any reason up to 12 weeks and up to six months for a wide variety of reasons after Ireland voted to repeal its Eighth Amendment, which protected unborn babies’ right to life, on May 25.
Catholic medical professionals and hospitals’ conscience rights also are being threatened. Earlier this month, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said Catholic hospitals will not be allowed to opt out of aborting unborn babies. Under the government leaders’ plan, Catholic medical workers also will be forced to refer women for abortions if they are unwilling to abort unborn babies themselves.

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  1. An organism that can't fight the foreign body will perish. NO church hasn't the strength to excommunicate even the most obvious heretics and blasphemers. NO church cannot survive.


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