30 June 2018

1 July, The Roman Martyrology

Kalendis Juliis

On the morrow is the Octave of the Birth of the holy Baptist John. 
July 1st anno Domini 2018 The 18th Day of the Moon was born into the better life: 

On Mount Hor, holy Aaron, the first High Priest of the tribe of Levi. 
In Britain, the holy martyrs Julius and Aaron, who suffered in the persecution under Diocletian, after holy Alban at the which time there were very many there who suffered divers torments and were most cruelly mangled, and so finished their fight, and went to be glad for ever in the Jerusalem which is above. 
At Mondragone, in Latium, the holy Bishops Castus and Secundinus, both martyrs. 
At Vienne, holy Martin, Bishop [of that see,] a disciple of the Apostles. 
In Auvergne, [in the sixth century,] holy Gallus, Bishop [of Clermont.] 
In the country of Lyon, the holy Domitian, Abbot [of Bebron,] the first who there led an hermit's life. He gathered very many together there to serve God, and was gathered unto his fathers in a good old age, very famous for great graces, and for glorious and wonderful works. 
In the country of Reims, the holy Priest Theodoric, a disciple of blessed Bishop Rémy. 
At Angoulême, [in the sixth century,] the holy Abbot Eparchius. 
At Hums, in Syria, [likewise in the sixth century,] the holy Confessor Simeon, whose surname was Sali. He became a fool for Christ's sake, but God showed by great miracles how deep was his wisdom. 
At Vicenza, [in the eleventh century,] the holy Hermit Theobald, of the family of the Earls of Campania, whose name Pope Alexander III. added to the list of the Saints on account of his fame for holiness and miracles. 
V. And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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