29 June 2018

Hungary is Regnum Marianum, the Kingdom of Mary

I'm sure my readers have heard all the outcry from the idiotic left that Hungary is 'racist', 'xenophobic', 'backward'. 'mediæval', 'out of touch', etc. ad nauseam, simply because the people have elected a Government under Orbán Viktor and his Fidesz – Magyar Polgári Szövetség Party which is committed to preserving Hungary's Christian, European character.

I think I may have discovered one of the reasons they are persevering despite pressure from the satanic EU and the kapo George Soros (Schwartz György in Budapest) to 'conform' to the leftist model.

Are you aware that Hungary has been called the Kingdom of Mary for centuries? According to tradition, the title stems from the Coronation of St Stephen the First Crowned. According to the legend, King Saint Stephen I raised up the Holy Crown during his coronation in 1000/1 to offer it to the Nagyboldogasszony, the Blessed Virgin Mary, in order to seal a contract between her and the Holy Crown. After this, the Nagyboldogasszony was depicted not only as Patrona (Patroness Saint) of the Kingdom but also as its Regina (Queen). This contract endowed the Holy Crown with Divine power to assist the Hungarian Kings in ruling.

Similarly, Poland, the other staunch holdout against the Soros/EU axis, honours Our Lady of Częstochowa, who was crowned as Queen and Protectress of Poland by King John II Casimir Vasa in Lwow Cathedral on 1 April 1652.

Thus the only two countries in Europe that are resisting the secular, humanist, atheistic super state of the EU have both been under the protection of their Queen, the Queen of Heaven, for centuries.  Something to think about!

Holy Virgin, Mother of God, pray for your lands, Hungary and Poland, and their peoples!

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