28 June 2018

Local Man Absolutely Sure There Is No Such Thing As Absolute Truth

More satire from the 'Bee'. This is also ironically close to the truth. 
It is sad that there really are people like this, who are unable to grasp the fact that their position is absolutely illogical. I'd rather argue with an atheist who is secure in his faith (no pun intended) than a relativist. At least the atheist believes in something, even if it is a total negation. The relativist, by his own philosophy, cannot believe in anything.

From the Babylon Bee

WESTERVILLE, OH—Stressing that there is “no doubt about it,” local man Timothy Newton reported Tuesday that he is absolutely sure there is no such thing as absolute truth.
“All truth is relative—that’s just a fact. All worldviews are equally legitimate, since truth is unquestionably subjective in nature,” he said, adding that it is closed-minded and arrogant to claim to have a monopoly on the truth.
“No person has the right to question the validity of another’s worldview, since there is unquestionably no such thing as absolute, objective truth,” he explained.
At publishing time, Newton was debating several people on the internet, doing his best to convince them that what is true for one person might not be true for another

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