28 June 2018

Resistance Activists Form Angry Mobs Targeting Undesirables In Order To Stop Rise Of Nazism

Good satire should cut close the bone, but sometimes it cuts so close that it ceases to be satire. This is one of those times!

From the Babylon Bee, a 'Christian satire' site.

U.S.—Many on the left are concerned that conditions in the U.S. are similar to those that led to the rise of Nazi Germany, but a number of Resistance activists have come up with a foolproof solution to stop Nazism: angry mobs to intimidate the unpopular and unwanted members of society.
According to leftists, organizing groups of Resistance “troopers” who surround and force out “undesirable” members of society is the only way to stop dangerous Nazi-like tactics from infiltrating our country.
“Sarah Sanders getting kicked out of a restaurant was a small start,” explained antifa activist Malcolm Klein, “but we need more than that if we’re going to stop Nazism. We need people to get together and get in the faces of all the people we don’t like: Trump officials, Republican politicians, people who vote for or associate with them, and anyone calling for civility. Once everyone we disagree with fears for their lives, then Nazism will be finished in this country, once and for all.”
“Nazis took over Germany because they lacked one thing,” stated activist Alyssa Fowler as she tried on some masks, “mobs making things miserable for people everyone hated. We’re not going to make the same mistake in the U.S.”
Some people have expressed concern about potential problems with mobs, but left wing activists vow to mob those people until they shut up. “Sometimes democracy fails,” Klein added. “But you can always have faith in the mob. And I’ve never heard of any problems with angry mobs… at least not in any of the Harry Potter books I’ve read.”

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