26 June 2018

I Totally Agree!

Many years ago, I was approached on more than one occasion and invited to join the John Birch Society. I did not yet know that it was a Masonically controlled organisation, but even so, I refused to join. Each time I was invited, I responded by asking 'You support the Republic, right?' To which, of course, the answer was an enthusiastic, 'YES!' I would then say, 'Republics lead inevitably to liberalism, liberalism leads to democracy, democracy leads to socialism, and socialism leads to communism. I refuse to support crypto-communist organisations like the John Birch Society!' That always ended the conversation!

Remember! Democracy is the best form of government money can buy. I'm 70 years old and I've been an anti-democrat since high school when I realised that democracy is anti-God. No matter how good the intentions of the founders of a democratic State are, it inevitably degenerates into 'The Voice of the People is the Voice of God', and bread and circuses for the masses whilst the rich form a plutocratic oligarchy that calls the shots, regardless of the 'democratic' trappings. A good thing to remember is something I saw on a bumper sticker years ago, 'If voting could make a difference, it would be illegal'.

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