29 August 2018

Whose Side Are You On?

'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord', as the words of the First Reading at the NO Mass said this week. I'm not sure who Francis, McCarrick the Pervert, Stupich and the rest of the Den of Perverts Francis presides over serve, but I doubt it's the Lord!

From the National Catholic Register

Where are our good, strong leaders? Where are the solutions? Where is the justice?

Coming on the heels of a ridiculous and insensitive comment made by Mexican Cardinal Sergio Obeso Rivera regarding victims of clerical abuse, certain members of the Church hierarchy continue to prove their inability to take off their blinders in regards to the current Church crisis.

Just last week, Cardinal Obeso commented that victims of clerical sexual abuse should look at “skeletons in their own closets” before speaking up to accuse churchmen. On Aug. 27, Chicago's Cardinal Blase Cupich came to the ope’s defense following the letter by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

Cupich took the time to offer a thorough explanation of Pope Francis’s ambiguous response to the allegations made by Viganò by informing the laity of the Church's “real” priorities.

“The pope has a bigger agenda... of talking about the environment, and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the Church,” said Cupich.

Apparently victims of clerical abuse are not included in this concern for the marginalized. Excuse me, Cardinal Cupich, for putting everything on the line to make sure justice was brought to my rapist (a now-defrocked and deported priest) and for continuing to do my best to reach out to other survivors of abuse. I should really put my time to better use and encourage them to plant some trees instead.
The cardinal’s comment is horrifying and outrageous.

The sex abuse scandal strikes to the very core of the credibility of the Catholic Church. It calls into question its leaders — its bishops, priests and even the pope. Until an investigation can dig deep and uncover everything, no one can be let off the hook. The Church has not been fully transparent even in more recent years, and certain members of the hierarchy can't even respond appropriately because they are so blind to the reality of this crisis. They need to stop adding to the problem and become a part of the solution. The cries of thousands of innocent ones are on the hands of corrupt bishops, priests and other members of the Church who have excused, protected and defended predators and even promoted those who promote lax Church teaching. Yet Cupich has the audacity to label victims as “distractions.”

It's been almost 20 years since the news about the sex abuse scandal broke and yet information is still trickling out. Where are our good strong leaders? Where are the solutions? Where is the justice? No stone should be left unturned. Heads should roll and abusers and those who protected them need to be made public examples of, and severely punished.

If Cupich was truthful in his response, this speaks volumes about the increasingly liberal agenda of Church leadership. In the early 1950s, a former high ranking official of the American Communist Party named Bella Dodd said, “In the 1930s we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within... Right now they are in the highest places in the Church... you will not recognize the Catholic Church.”

Could it be possible that some of the bishops we are hearing from, whose public opinions regarding the sex abuse crisis seem so out of touch with reality, are “Padawans” of these original eleven hundred? It seems quite likely, based on the repeated socialist views and concerns relayed by members of the USCCB. The highlight of their agenda seems to be social justice issues (global warming, women’s issues and immigration to name a few) and denying the existence of a Lavender Mafia within the Church.

Perhaps if all the survivors of clerical abuse took a raft and floated across the border waving a flag with the words #dreamers, Cupich would take them more seriously and not see them as such a “distraction.”

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