31 August 2018

The Vortex— Cardinal Wuerl’s Eucharist Problem

Mr Voris discusses the fact that national Bishops' conferences have absolutely no authority in the Church or under Canon Law, and Whirly Wuerl's attempt at using the USCCB to create a totalitarian Church in America under him and his sort of modernist, anti-Catholic Bishops.

He uses a book by His Excellency Henry Gracida, Bishop emeritus of Corpus Christi, An Ordinary's Not So Ordinary Life: The Most Reverend Bishop Gracida Autobiography, as a resource for exposing Wuerl for what he is, a supporter of sin, a supporter of blasphemy (his description) and a Servant of Satan (my description).

(Full disclosure. His Excellency, Bishop Henry Gracida has honoured the Old Curmudgeon by reading him and sharing one of his posts, on his blog, Abyssus Abyssum Invocat, Deep Calls to Deep. Here is the post he made, Musings of a 70+ Year Old Curmudgeon That Resonate With This 94 Year Old Retired Bishop.)

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