29 August 2018

Off the Menu: Episode 13 - Dubia, Alt Right, Malachi Martin

Originally uploaded 1 December, 2016. The first question deals with the well known 'Dubia' of the Four Cardinals, asking Francis to clarify points in his infamous Amoris Laetitia. 

The second is a discussion of Malachy Martin and his tales of Satanism in the Church. The Chevalier knew him well, but he is unable, for reasons he explains, to give a clear answer to the question.

1.) Pope Francis & the Dubia 0:33 2.) Malachi Martin & Satanism 7:33 3.) California Class Warfare 11:59 4.) The Alt Right & White Nationalism 16:45 5.) Monarchies handling different ethnic mix 24:47 6.) Nosferatu movie 32:58 7.) Charles's Thanksgiving 36:22

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