29 August 2018

Tosatti: If It's Not True Why Does He Not Say So?

Because he hopes that by staying silent it will all blow over and he can keep running the Church like a Mafia capo!

From Church Militant

DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) - Italian journalist Marco Tosatti spoke to Church Militant, explaining his part in the explosive testament of Abp. Carlo Viganò.
Tosatti told Church Militant that, although he met Viganò socially on various occasions, he didn't know him as a friend. But despite that, around a month ago Viganò sought him out, relaying he wanted to "talk about something important."
The archbishop visited Tosatti at his home and revealed his intention to publicize his personal experiences as the head diplomat of the Vatican to the United States.
Tosatti continued, "Some weeks passed, and then we decided to meet again. He came to me with a draft of a document and we did the editing together. Of course, the material in the document is totally his own."
He noted to Church Militant that Viganò's work is "of a great journalistic value," calling it "a very courageous act to help the Church to get a real transparence," adding it is an "incredibly generous" act.
Tosatti said Viganò's testimony "is very rich and complex and reveals many things of the way the Church has behaved in the past."
He adds the most relevant aspects are those of Pope Francis' likely involvement in covering up ex-Cdl. Theodore McCarrick's homosexual abuse and, instead of censuring him, using him "as his counselor in what concerned the American appointments and cardinal choice."
"If it is not true, why does he not say so?" asked Tosatti. "What is certain it is that a situation of no-answer, of ambiguity, is painful for the Catholics and contributes to destroy the credibility of the Church, and, particularly, of the Pope," adding, "If he does not make this situation clear, how can he speak about cover-ups?"
He goes on to call the Pope's current strategy of silence "suicidal."
While Viganò's testament has been greeted as positive by many priests, laity and even some bishops, the liberal-progressive Catholic Establishment media has been scrutinizing his character.
Joshua McElwee of the dissident National Catholic Reporter called Tosatti Viganò's "ghostwriter," to which he responded, "Ghostwriter my left foot! … I helped editing the text prepared by Viganò. The contents of the document are completely his."
Tosatti clarifies yet further in a response to accusations by Vatican Radio journalist Luis Badilla that he edited the testament, "eliminating some things, removing digressions, dissolving acronyms that for those who work in the Vatican are daily bread, but that do not mean anything to a common reader."
He closed his conversation with Church Militant, asserting, "And the person of Viganò with all the lights and shadows which are attributed to him is not relevant. What is relevant is: Does he say the truth? And why the Pope says nothing? That's a very weak reaction."

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