30 August 2018

Off the Menu: Episode 14 - France, Magisterium, and Saul Alinsky

An absolutely great Episode, originally uploaded 16 December 2016! It starts out with a scathing analysis of the communist Saul Alinsky and his influence in the Church, by subverting Clerics.

The second section discusses the Satanic French Revolution's genocide of the Catholics of the Vendee. This is a bit of Catholic history that is almost unknown in the US. The French Government has denounced the Turkish genocide of the Armenian Christians, but refuses even to acknowledge their own genocide. He also gets in a few remarks about the evil of the American traitorous rebellion against their King.

I have previously shared the excerpt on l'Action française, and I believe I pointed out his error on the founding of the organisation. It was not founded by Charles Maurras. It was founded by Maurice Pujo and Henri Vaugeois. Other than that, I agree totally with his analysis.

One caveat though. He does not mention that Maurras and l'Action française supported (and the current organisation still supports) the Revolutionary, Freemasonic House of Orleans, rather than the Legitimate House of France. He does, however, mention the treason of Charles de Gaulle, a man I totally despise. (I will be doing a post on this matter in a few days.)

He does mention l'épuration légale and l'epuration sauvage, in which the Gaullist and the communists 'purged' France of their 'enemies', in other words the believing Catholics who had tried to regenerate France.

His discussion of the present state of Catholicism in France is frightening and a scathing attack on the current state of catechesis in France (and most of the Catholic world).

I love his discussion of the separation of the Church and State! This is a horse I've been beating for years. There is no such thing as the separation of Church and State. A State cannot exist without an established religion, whether it is Catholicism (as it should be), Islam, communism, or the atheistic, secular humanist religion of the United States.

This discussion leads into a discussion of the Syllabus of Errors of Blessed Pope Pius IX, of which Fr John Hardon said, (in a book written after Vatican II and which bears an Imprimatur, meaning that it contains nothing against Catholic faith and morals),
A series of eighty condemned propositions listing the prevalent errors that aimed at the undermining of society, morality, and religion. Every Catholic is expected to give exterior and interior assent to the condemnation of errors expressed in this syllabus.
By the way, he gets his 'who are we to judge' dig at Francis in several times.

1.) A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Saul Alinsky 0:07
2.) The Hidden Rebellion, the Vendee 6:13 3.) Action Francaise 9:15 4.) Current State of Catholicism in France 23:05 5.) Separation of Church and State 27:04 6.) Syllabus of Errors 30:33

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