31 August 2018

Humanitarian Organization Drops Crates Of Prosperity Gospel Books Into Ethiopia

Again, satire, but given the truly warped nature of the 'prosperity gospel' heresy, I wouldn't be surprised!

From the Babylon Bee

ETHIOPIA—A newly formed charismatic humanitarian organization has made its first supply run into sub-Saharan Africa, dropping several pallets and crates of desperately needed prosperity gospel books into Ethiopia, local media confirmed Wednesday.
The organization’s pilots received visual confirmation of the successful reception of at least five of the drops by villagers in the rural countrysides of the poverty-stricken country, stating that grateful farmers, women, and children tore into the wooden supply crates, quickly distributing the health-and-wealth gospel to those in the most need in the villages.
“Thank you, just thank you so much,” one Ethiopian woman reportedly sobbed as she took a Joyce Meyer book from the stack next to the muddy road on which she walks five miles each day to obtain semi-clean water. “Our prayers our answered!”
“It’s the best thing we could give them to combat their dire situation,” a representative for the humanitarian aid foundation told reporters. “Once they learn that God’s will is for them to be wealthy and healthy, they will begin speaking this new reality out loud, in faith, and their circumstances will immediately change. As long as their faith is strong enough.”
“These people just need to unleash their destinies,” the representative added.
A second supply run is reportedly scheduled for the fall, in which supply helicopters will drop much-needed prayer cloths and vials of oil blessed by Benny Hinn himself.

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