31 August 2018

Vox Cantoris Comments on 'The Vortex—Fr. Rosica’s Secret'

Vox Cantoris has taken the time to comment on my posting of The Vortex video, The Vortex—Fr. Rosica’s Secret. His comment is much more in line with what I had understood the case to be.

From Vox Cantoris

Jovan, Voris is wrong. It had nothing to do with his Superiors. It had everything to do with the heat his main funder, St Joseph Communications was getting, and; Fogler Rubinoff and the Nina Perfetto who suddenly found themselves the subject of global backlash and that the “pro bono” letter to three was going to turn into a million dollar deposition saga which would have included the Cardinal being called. Nobody gets in Fogler’s door without. $20k retainer and Rosica could not find it. So, when they found out that my response was “bring it in baby,” they folded. Voris is talking through his hat.

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