30 May 2018

The Borg absorbs Ireland

An observation on the Irish referendum and the general state of the Church and the world, by a friend of mine on Fisheaters Forum.

From A Lapsed Catholic Returns

“Resistance is futile.” (The Borg)

Ireland is the latest casualty of the Borg, the most frightening of the villains in the Star Trek series. Unlike Star Trek, however, Ireland put up very little resistance. If anything, it ran straight into the arms of the Borg, begging please to be absorbed.

The noisy, little Catholic opposition to abortion in Ireland was not what anyone can call a credible resistance. They never had a chance. They were a small fraction of Irish voters. Those among them who believed that they did stand a chance, were utterly deluded about where Ireland stands in the cycle of history and how the Irish got there.

“Your culture will adapt to service us.” (The Borg)

The Irish have an inferiority complex. Ireland was a poor country. The Irish immigrated to the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to avoid starving to death. Protestant Anglo-Saxons have long looked down on the Irish as stupid Catholics who deserve their poverty.

Suddenly, here comes the European Union. Ireland sees a chance to become rich and “modern”, that is, the same as Europeans and Americans. The EU represented their chance to dump their weirdness and poverty, for which the “medieval” Catholic mindset and customs are to blame. The Irish wanted to be normal, ordinary Joes and Jills. Joining the EU and passing laws allowing divorce, abortion and gay marriage were their tickets to “normality”.

Presented with a choice between being backward/Catholic/weird and rich/hedonistic/pagan/modern/normal, they chose the latter. Divorce = modern. Tax avoidance paradise = modern. Property bubbles = modern. Gay marriage = modern. Abortion = modern.

The Borg is the contemporary Western hedonistic, materialistic universe where God and the supernatural have no role, and where money and physical pleasure are the ultimate aims of a human life. An unplanned baby gets in the way of money and pleasure. In the Borg universe, people are taught that the “I” is the supreme deity and it gets to decide what’s right and wrong, and there are no adverse consequences since the “I” also gets to decide what will be its own punishment and reward. The “I” thinks it is independent and thinking for itself, when in reality it is part of the Borg. That’s the genius of the Borg.

How does Ireland escape the Borg? At this stage in history, it doesn’t. A nation requires courageous leaders like Joan of Arc or Captain Jean-Luc Picard. It needs clergy who walk the talk and who will die for their faith. The Catholic clergy (except for a few) are pretty useless fighting the Borg. Even the Pope was largely absent. He is too busy destroying what remains of contemplative religious orders in the world and making a bishop who has a concubine (and kids) into a cardinal.

I don’t blame people who want Ireland to be free from the grip of the Catholic Church because this is what they see of the Church: a Pope who tells us there is no Hell, who is too busy making excuses for his buddies who are mired in financial and sexual scandals; irreverent Masses where anything goes and nothing matters; clergy who have no skin in the game; dwindling Mass attendance; Catholics who twist Catholic teaching to suit their personal desires. So they conclude that the entire thing – the Catholic Church – has been one big misogynistic scam where the guys get to have all the fun and the women suffer the consequences (the baby).

Only very few individuals will escape the Borg. They’re the ones who can see that a modern, “rich” Ireland isn’t quite what the Borg promised: a handful of people will get absurdly rich, but the rest will be saddled with debt and work their fingernails off just to get by (which is what is happening everywhere in the world, now ruled by the Borg). In the meantime, to distract the fingernail-less minions whose hands and bank accounts are bleeding, those in control will present them with spectacles like the unRoyal Wedding, football, celebrity rubbish and more. The minions will wonder why they are still so miserable in this hedonistic Euro paradise.

Didn’t the cheap TUI holiday package in Greece cure your malaise? Didn’t RyanAir deposit you on a sandy beach in Mallorca where the booze, drugs and sex made you forget your problems? What? You got pregnant by some bloke whose face you don’t remember because you were too drunk or stoned? Congratulations! Now you can go home to Ireland and have an abortion. No need to travel to England where people speak with funny accents. Progress, eh?

This is where we are in the historical cycle: the battle against the Borg is hand-to-hand combat, one soul at a time. This applies to Ireland and to the rest of world.

And to remind Catholics – it’s not just about abortion! It’s about the legalisation of vice and the promotion of vice as virtue: drugs (starting with marijuana), gambling, prostitution, pornography, pedophilia, abortion, exploitation of workers, manipulation of financial markets, foul language on TV, radio, the Internet and print media, the dumbing down of schools and universities, and more.

This is where we are in history: the sheep are being separated from the goats. Your choice. But God is still in control.

You want to avoid the goats. You want to be with the sheep and the Good Shepherd. By all means, don’t give up campaigning for human life, but have no illusions. Campaign, too, against all the other vices I mentioned above.

Pray, pray, pray! Pray the Rosary everyday. Go to Confession. Go to Communion. Try to lead a sinless life. Your life is an example to non-Catholics and to lapsed Catholics (as I once was).

Pray for and support the clergy who adhere to the centuries-old tenets of the Catholic faith. Attend the Latin Mass, if you can. If you don’t have a Latin mass near you, get a bunch of like-minded Catholics together in your parish and ask your priest for the Latin Mass. Support him with money (for vestments, etc.) for the Latin Mass. Don’t give up on this. Support traditional vocations by donating money.

Vatican II’s rejection of tradition has gravely damaged many of the faithful including the clergy. We are living with the consequences. The Cultural Revolution in the Catholic Church, represented by Vatican II, is producing exactly the rotten fruits that one can expect of any cultural revolution.

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  1. Brilliant writing!Spot on.My thoughts entirely.Keep writing.


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