25 May 2018

I Hope This Man is Rotting in Hell

I know it is unChristian and uncharitable, but his crimes are so horrific that I can't imagine him being saved. Combined with his pride in his crimes and his conviction that he was being a good Muslim by slaughtering Christians, I see little hope that he repented.

Who is he, you ask? Halil Pasha, a Turkish general in the early 20th century, who claimed in his memoirs that he had personally killed around 300,000 Armenian Christians. And, who publicly proclaimed, 'I have endeavored to wipe out the Armenian nation to the last individual.'

And yet, to this day, the government of Turkey, which pretends to be 'Western' and 'enlightened' refuses to admit the genocide and criminalises any mention of it in Turkey.

When Turkey makes noises about wanting to join the EU, I always point out that it is an Asiatic country, speaking an Asiatic language, and practicing an Asiatic religion!

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