25 November 2017


We took Maximus Barker for a run today out north of town. He had a great time running in the harvested corn fields and woods as we took a leisurely stroll up the gravelled road. It was about 65 F. and the sun was shining with no wind. For late November it was unseasonably warm!

We walked a little over a mile, half of it up a gentle incline. The air pollution was quite low today, and this Old Curmudgeon could really step out! Even the Other Half remarked at how fast I was able to walk without gasping for breath.

Probably the most frustrating thing about having COPD is that I love walking! When I was younger, I thought nothing of walking 15-20 miles in a day. I was a fast walker, about five miles per hour, with a standard 30 inch pace. On more than one occasion I walked the ca. 30 miles from Wichita, KS to my parents' home when they lived in Norwich, KS.

Now, because of my disease, my walking is limited, but on days like today, I can walk almost as if I was a young man again. However, when the pollution is high, I have serious problems. When I was younger, I would see older gentlemen shuffling along. I would look at them pityingly, and think, 'I'll never be like that'! A year or two ago, I was walking the two and a half blocks to my local pub. About half way there, I realised I had become one of those 'older gentlemen'! I posted the anecdote to Facebook and my cousin, a man of my age, pointed out that, at least, I was still walking to the pub!

So, I'll keep walking as long as the Good Lord gives me breath to do it!


  1. Wow you really were a long distance walker! We have had a couple beautiful days here in New Jersey and have enjoyed walking with the sun on our face. Maura

    1. I also have congestive heart failure (CHF) which limits me, but my doctor wants me to exercise. I walk downtown and back almost every day, but that's only a six or seven block round-trip, so I enjoy getting out into the country and following the Household Canine.


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