22 November 2017

Societal Insanity

Below are two graphics. The first is from a Facebook post  shared by Princeton’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, & Education (SHARE) office and created by the school’s UMatter initiative in anticipation of the annual Orange and Black Ball (OBB) that took place last Friday.

The second is an advertisment for chewing gum, copyright 1911. The changes in society, or I should say, the degradation of society, in the past century is difficult to comprehend. I'm only 70, but in the last few years, I have been deeply offended and saddened by the collapse of the society around me brought on by the Cultural Marxists and their 'liberal' allies. The 'liberalism' of today is antithetical to true liberalism which was about maximising freedom as much as possible within a just order under God. Modern 'liberalism' is about everyone being forced to accept the positions and beliefs of a left-wing minority, centred in academia and the media.

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