12 November 2017

Max's 'Run'

We took Max out to Clatonia NRD lake for a run. We walked through a meadow and into the woods, Normally, even if we can't see him, we can hear him crashing through the brush. However, the firearms deer season opened yesterday in Nebraska! Remember, I mentioned that he's gun shy? Well, after about 30 minutes of him running and us hiking, there was a very loud gunshot in the near vicinity.

We expected him to come running to us to indicate, 'Hey! It's time to go home!' Nope. We could neither see nor hear him and he didn't come when we called. We started wending our way back to the car, occasionally calling him with no result. As we crested a small rise and could see the car, there he was, waiting to go home!

We had hoped to stay out for an hour or more, but he wasn't having it! There were no more gunshots, but he refused to run. If we walked away from the car, he would stay right with us, not venturing away at all. Finally, we surrendered, put him in the car and came home. Within minutes he wanted to go outside! Of course, he was on his lead there, and he couldn't run.

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