Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Windswept House

A comment I received on this tweet from Matt Walsh.

Imagine you live in a beautiful city, and you were born there.

You grew up in a wonderful neighbourhood, knew everybody, went to school in great schools, graduated and got your dream job within walking distance of your very own first home -- also in your old neighbourhood.
A little time goes by, and a certain person you like becomes a certain person you love, and then your spouse.
And the city is full of promise, hope, industry, and excitement. But one day...
While you are at your job working hard, and near to the end of your shift, a strange, menacing storm descends upon the city.
Out of the strangest clouds you have ever seen, the storm spawns dozens of twisters. The dust and debris, the noise and shock are terrible.
It lasts only a few moments, but it seems like a lifetime. The storm abates, and you and your co-workers rush out the door, concerned for your homes, your loved ones...
And the city, instead of being destroyed, is intact -- but strange.
All the buildings have been moved to different places.
Streets which you once could walk blindfolded were going in all other directions from what you knew.
After a long time walking lost, you come upon your neighbourhood, and don't recognize anyone there. They don't know you.... and finally you find your home...
The home you love and know is empty.
All your things are gone, your family and your spouse are replaced by strangers, and all that remains ...
is a windswept house.

When I asked my friend, a veteran of Her Majesty's Canadian Forces, who had written it, he replied,
I wrote it five years after Canada's last combat missions in Afghanistan (on my last Tour of Duty), and four years after retiring from Active Duty.
It just seemed to be the most perfect response ever for this post, so I copied and pasted it here.

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