29 January 2022

Compare What Archbp. Roche Said in 2015 to What He Is Saying Now.

Roche is a careerist, plain and simple, with no principles whatsoever.

From Fr Z's Blog

It is very hard to respect clerics who are just weathervanes, waving around, changing directions under the pressure of whoever is at the moment in power.

Archbp. Roche, now in his present role as Prefect of the CDW, now one of the chief enforcers of the cruel legacy document of Francis’s Regime, in 2015 said that the Traditional Latin Mass is a “valid expression of the Church’s liturgy”.

“Unity … [is] not looking just for simple uniformity,” he said, adding that Pope Francis “talks about unity with diversity. We’ve got to find that in the Church.”

These days, he seems to have done a complete 180.

I wonder. Did Roche, when he was bishop ordinary of a diocese, or as auxiliary, or as a priest, ever celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass for people? Ever? In any ministerial role has he actually used the Vetus Ordo? Not just as an altar boy, which he may have been. As a priest?

What unmitigated temerity from clerics, who judge the TLM without ever having celebrated one for people.

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