26 January 2022

The Sabina/Pfleger Liturgy vs. The Novus Ordo (Mass Nightmare)

Mr Gray dissects the blasphemous abomination of Pfleger's 'Mass'.

From David L. Gray

With the Order of the Mass in one hand and the General Instruction of the Roman Missal in the other, I’m setting out to prove that there has not been a valid Mass at Saint Sabina in, perhaps, decades. This needs to end TODAY. Pfleger needs to have his faculties stripped for all the spiritual harm he has caused. (Watch on YouTube) (Watch on Facebook) (Watch on Twitter) (Watch on Rumble)

00:00 – It Begins
00:30 – Introduction
05:11 – Pfleger Ordo Liturgy vs. Novus Ordo Liturgy Chart
07:42 – Nothing on Church Website or Bulletin Indicates they are a Catholic Church
22:32 – Start of Eugenicists MLK Jr. Mass (Master of Ceremonies Intro)
23:33 – Procession and Liturgical Dance (No Sign of Cross or Kiss Altar)
28:38 – Worship of MLK Jr. Icon, Praise Call, and More Liturgical Dance
42:23 – During Praise Call Pfleger Says a Name of Jesus is ‘Allah’
33:52 – QUICK CHECK ON TO COMPARE PSNO with Novus Ordo
34:57 – Liturgy of the Word with Intrepative Dance and MLK Jr. Worship
44:48 – Plfger Reads Gospel, Does not Sign Himself, Adds Words, and Does Not Pray Silently for People,
53:34 – Homily by a Pro Abort/Non-Catholic/Dr. Lamont Hill
01:01:10 – Answer to Question About Quasi-Presiding May Invalidate Mass
01:05:14 – Dr. Lamont Hill Delivers Race Essential Homily
01:13:01 – Pfleger Homily Part 2 – Calls on Parishioners to Social Action to Imprison Man Already Imprisoned
01:20:47 – QUICK CHECK ON TO COMPARE PSNO with Novus Ordo
01:23:13 – Start of the Pfleger Ordo Eucharistic Prayers
01:34:38 – The Protestant Version of the ‘Our Father’
01:46:36 – Pfleger Does Not Distribute Unconsecrated Bread
01:47:50 – Ebony and Ivory and Chub Rock Perform
01:51:59 – Pfleger Ordo Concluding Rite, Indifferentism, Shout Outs, Marketing
01:56:10 – Pfleger Does Not Bless People at end of Pfleger Mass
01:58:31 – FINAL WORDS: Cupich needs to laicize Pfleger immediate, Close Saint Sabina, Audit all Baptism, Confirmation, and Marriage Sacraments, and Apologize for this Demonic Activity at Saint Sabina for the Last few Decades

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