29 January 2022

News of New Cruelty in @archchicago From @CardinalBCupich

What a wonderful example, of pastoral care, accompaniment, concern for souls, and all those other things Bishops are supposed to do!

From Fr Z's Blog

A note from a reader…

Since you have posted about Cardinal Cupich’s TLM restrictions, I thought you should know that permission for 3 parishes (St. Mary of Perpetual Help, St. John Vianney, and St. Odilo) have all been denied. The only other TLM that is offered in the archdiocese by a diocesan priest is the St James at Sag Bridge Mission. I do not know if they have been permitted to continue.

This only leaves St John Cantius, St Peter’s (staffed by the Canons), and the Shrine of Christ the King.

People are sad, angry, and hurt. Please pray for us in Chicago.

Square miles… number of people… distance between places… considerations of schedule.

Such cruelty, for the sake of retaining favor.

What comes to mind…

“But for Wales?”

In the meantime, I understand that a group of the viciously treated faithful prayed the Rosary on the steps of Holy Name Catholic this morning.

The person who sent that note added:

There are also many unanswered questions regarding the Archdiocese’s failure to identify, punish and remove predator priests from ministry at the very same time that faithful priests are harshly treated with threats, intimidation and unjust removal from parishes where they have strong support from the people.

Most of you who read this are not in Chicago.  Many of you might not be personally interested in attending Holy Mass in the Vetus Ordo.  But surely you can recognize the unreasonable and harsh treatment of the people in Chicago, the disdain from their chief pastor.  You might not be there, but that doesn’t mean you are not connected to this war against Catholic identity.   You need to act because, whether the war is proximate or not, it is personal for you as well as for them.

ACTION ITEM! Be a “Custos Traditionis”! Join an association of prayer for the reversal of “Traditionis custodes”.

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  1. I have written to both His Holiness and His Eminence expressing my sadness and intention to attend mass in Latin offered by the Old Roman Catholic church rather than sit through an NO nightmare. Sedevacantist? Not by MY choice.


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