Thursday, 20 January 2022

Fr Zed Comments on Bp Burbidge's Harsh Diktat

Fr Zed has some thoughts on the Bishop of Arlington's decree in response to Traditionis Custodes and the Responsa ad dubia.

From Fr Z's Blog

Take note… I saw this at CNA:

‘Devastated’ Traditional Latin Mass devotees petition Arlington bishop to ease restrictions

Supporters of the Traditional Latin Mass are petitioning Bishop Michael Burbidge of Arlington, Virginia, to lift restrictions he recently imposed on the celebration of the sacraments in the Extraordinary Form.

“In the spirit of the Synodal Path that the church has embarked upon, we humbly ask that you engage in consultations with the faithful of each parish church potentially affected by restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass,” says the petition, which was published on the petition website on Jan. 14.

“And we pray fervently that you might offer permission to allow the Extraordinary Form and other traditional sacraments to continue across the Diocese of Arlington.”

The petition had garnered more than 1,000 signatures by 6 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Jan. 18.


In early January, Burbidge issued a statement concerning the celebration of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form in the diocese. While Burbidge did not restrict any of the existing Latin Masses in the diocese, he said there is to be no “scheduling of new celebrations of the Sacraments (such as baptisms and weddings) in the Extraordinary Form.”


The petition adds that the laity have been “devastated” at the new restrictions, and that there is a “profound sense of loss and grief at the prospect of losing the ability to celebrate the Mass and other sacraments in the Old Rite.”

“At a time when there is so much darkness and despair in the world and in our country, we find the Extraordinary Form of the Mass to be a beacon of light and hope — one which touches our hearts and nourishes our Catholic Faith,” says the petition.


Some take-aways from this.

First, consider the harshness of saying, “No more weddings, funerals!” to people who have returned to the Church because of the TLM, who have grown up with the TLM as their primary experience of Mass, who are simply strongly attracted to it for whatever reason. Think of a large traditional family – which is almost repetitive! – in which all the older children were able to be married with older Ritual and Nuptial Mass and then along come the younger siblings and the bishop says to them, “Sorry, you can’t have what your family grew up with. Too bad. It’s for your own good and you are not being marginalized.” Think of the wishes of a dying man or woman and family, who want the consolation of a traditional Requiem Mass. The bishop says, “Nope, too bad. You chose to die at the wrong time so, NO. Have a great day!” It is so cruel. And now think about how at the next parish over, the funeral mass looks like a clown car with balloons crashed a canonization ceremony. But a traditional Requiem? Forfend!

Second, if your bishop has imposed overly restrictive policies – or bullied his priests – do not roll over and die. Pray for him. Do penances in reparation for his action. Petition him respectfully, as is due to his office, and intensely. Support your priests who are under fire.

Third, let’s be clear about something.   The restrictions being imposed under the shadowy Francis’ legacy document Traditionis custodes and the Dubious Dubia are really NOT restrictions on “the traditional Roman Rite”.  The restrictions are on the people who want the Vetus Ordo.  This is a move against people.

Lastly, be a true Custos Traditionis, an authentic “guardian of Tradition” rather than what some of the bishops have become, “jailers of tradition”.  Read more about that HERE   

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