Thursday, 20 January 2022

Church Militant Needs an Anatomy Lesson

Church Militant is caught in another 'inaccuracy' employed to sensationalist a story, and reacts in the normal CM 'you're a paranoid delusional' fashion.

From Les Femmes

By Susan Matthiesen

Anatomy 101:
(a) the neck is above the chest
(b) the neck is not the chest
(c) the chest is below the neck and therefore not the same thing

Each time Church Militant says "based on Church Militant investigators" I laugh. I laugh because even when the evidence was written on paper in black and white, and even when the victim/whistleblower, while being filmed in an interview, told and even demonstrated what happened, Church Militant in general, and Christine Niles in particular, told a lie an "inaccuracy"- you know, because a lie "specific error" is more sensational than the truth. 

As the planet knows by now, Church Militant produced another of their Spotlight videos - this time on the Wyoming Carmelite Monastery. Christine Niles interviewed Augustine Inferrera, who has tried out more than one monastic order and apparently found them all lacking. 

It struck me that Church Militant said something entirely different than what the victim said, and likewise different from what both the victim and Church Militant presented in the dossier on the victim's own blog and Church Militant's website. For presenting the truth, Church Militant's moderator, Simon Rafe, summarily banned me from commenting on their site. This is even after Rafe said, "We don't mind legitimate criticism of our work, e.g., if there is an inaccuracy, then cite the specific error and we'll correct it." After that he told another lie "inaccuracy" of which there is no evidence.

After notifying them of their "inaccuracy" by citing their "specific error", I checked the video several times to see if Church Militant, as stated, corrected themselves however their "specific error" remains at 5:35 on the video. This is fortunate in that you can see Nile's "inaccuracy" for yourself. If there's one intentional "inaccuracy" or "specific error" in reporting at all, an entire story comes under suspicion of being sensationalized in order to sway the audience toward a certain pre-determined outcome. Think of it like this: If you have a bowl of clear water and intentionally put one drop of red food coloring into it, the entire bowl of water becomes red....or at least suspiciously pink.

Augustine Inferrera states that Brother Joseph "takes his trowel and he jabs it into my chest" (5:48 on the video). He demonstrates his words by thumping himself on his chest. Christine Niles says that Brother Joseph  "stuck a sharp tool in his (Augustine's) neck." Saying that Brother Joseph stuck a sharp tool in Augustine's neck instead of his chest makes Brother Joseph's act sound more sensational, more shocking, even deadly since the carotid artery is there. Since Church Militant prides themselves on "hard-hitting truth where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed" I thought exposing one of their own falsehoods would be beneficial, charitable even, so they wouldn't become trapped in a vortex of their own lies inaccuracies and specific errors.

Apparently Church Militant posts only "attaboy" comments because their response to me was: 

Your paranoid line of questioning led to deletion of your comment originally. However, we will keep it up here to show the conspiracy theories people raise in their attempts to dismiss whistleblowers and Church Militant investigations. To answer your question: The trowel was stuck in the chest area around the base of his neck.

"Paranoid"? "Conspiracy theories"? And "stuck a sharp tool in his neck" or "the chest area around the base of his neck"? Augustine doesn't say that. The dossier doesn't say that. The police report doesn't say that. I was merely pointing this out, as Church Militant wanted people to do. I'm helpful like that!

HUMAN ANATOMY 101: The neck is between our head and shoulders. At the base of our neck is the thyroid. The chest area contains the heart. When Jesus points to His Sacred Heart, he points to his chest. He doesn't point to his neck or to the base of his neck, which on a normal man is about 10 inches above the chest area, and say that His Sacred Heart is there because it isn't. The neck and chest are two separate parts of the body. This isn't difficult to understand.

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