19 February 2018

Gabriel Garcia Moreno, Regenerator of Ecuador

Gabriel Gregorio Fernando José María García y Moreno y Morán de Buitrón (December 24, 1821 – August 6, 1875), was twice President of Ecuador. He was, personally, a monarchist, who would have preferred to see a Spanish Prince on an Ecuadorian Throne, but he accepted that that was unlikely. He was actually elected for a third term, but was assassinated on the orders of the Freemasons before he could begin it.

Realising that his election to a third term was quite likely his death warrant, he wrote immediately to the Pope, Blessed Pius IX, saying,

I wish to obtain your blessing before that day, so that I may have the strength and light which I need so much in order to be unto the end a faithful son of our Redeemer, and a loyal and obedient servant of His Infallible Vicar. Now that the Masonic Lodges of the neighboring countries, instigated by Germany, are vomiting against me all sorts of atrocious insults and horrible calumnies, now that the Lodges are secretly arranging for my assassination, I have more need than ever of the divine protection so that I may live and die in defense of our holy religion and the beloved republic which I am called once more to rule.
His last words were, '¡Dios no muere! (God does not die!)'. Blessed Pius wrote of him, when he heard of his murder, that he had 'died a victim for the Faith and Christian Charity for his beloved country'.

During his time as President, he had Ecuador consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Christ the King, and in his Presidential uniform, carried a Cross through the streets of Quito. He was the only Head of State in the world to officially protest the loss of the Papal States to the Freemasonic Kingdom of Italy.

A excellent biography by Mrs Mary Maxwell-Scott, Garcia Moreno, Regenerator of Ecuador is available from Kindle for $.99.

The article 'Gabriel Garcia Moreno' from the Catholic Encyclopedia

Here is the Rule of Life or Regula that he wrote for himself, and which was found on his person after his assassination.

1. Every morning when saying my prayers I will ask specially for the virtue of humility. 

2. Every day I will hear Mass, say the Rosary, and read, besides a chapter of the Imitation, this rule and the annexed instructions. 

3. I will take care to keep myself as much as possible in the presence of God, especially in conversation, so as not to speak useless words. I will constantly offer my heart to God, and principally before beginning any action. 

4. I will say to myself continually: I am worse than a demon and deserve that Hell should be my dwelling place. When I am tempted, I will add: What shall I think of this in the hour of my last agony? 

5. In my room, never to pray sitting when I can do so on my knees or standing. Practice daily little acts of humility, like kissing the ground, for example. Desire all kinds of humiliations, while taking care at the same time not to deserve them. To rejoice when my actions or my person are abused and censured. 

6. Never to speak of myself, unless it be to own my defects or faults. 

7. To make every effort, by the thought of Jesus and Mary, to restrain my impatience and contradict my natural inclinations. To be patient and amiable even with people who bore me; never to speak evil of my enemies. 

8. Every morning, before beginning my work, I will write down what I have to do, being very careful to distribute my time well, to give myself only to useful and necessary business and to continue it with zeal and perseverance. I will scrupulously observe the laws of justice and truth, and have no intention in all my actions save the greater glory of God. 

9. I will make a particular examination twice a day on my exercise of different virtues, and a general examination every evening. I will go to confession every week. 

10. I will avoid all familiarities, even the most innocent, as prudence requires. I will never pass more than an hour in any amusement, and in general, never before eight o'clock in the evening.

And here is a video about him and his 'Regula'.

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