27 February 2018

The Feast of St Baldomer

Who knew locksmiths had a Patron Saint?! The things I find out writing this blog. As I was praying Prime yesterday, I found this in the Martyrology,
At Lyon, [about the year 660,] holy Baldomer, [locksmith and subdeacon,] the man of God whose grave is famous on account of the miracles which are oftentimes wrought there. 
Curious, I did a web search for him. Not a whole lot of information available, but I did find this at Saints & Angels -Catholic Online,
Patron saint of locksmiths, a monk of Lyons, France. Baldomerus was a locksmith until he entered the monastery of St. Justus. He is depicted in liturgical art as carrying blacksmith tools and pincers.
And this (in French, translated by my friend, Mr Google Translate, since my French is abysmal!), from the article 

Monk at the Monastery of St. Just (✝ v. 650)
Saint Galmier or Baldomer. 
His name would be a distortion of the Germanic name Waldemar, Latinized in Baldomerus.  Humble blacksmith, he was noticed by the abbot of Saint-Just de Lyon "as gold hidden under the ashes". Archbishop Gandesic ordained him sub-deacon and, after his death, miracles flourished on his tomb.
His native parish (42330 Saint-Galmier) took his name thereafter. source: 
 Saint Timothée parish in Forez . 
"Saint Galmier (Baldomerus, 27 Fertilizer) Gulmier, Baldomer, Waldemer, locksmith or blacksmith at Auditiacus (Saint Galmier) where Viventius, abbot of Saint-Just, met him and took him to his monastery in Lyon. he died at Saint-Just in 650.
His tomb became a goal of pilgrimage until its destruction by the Huguenots. However, an earlier translation had taken place at the monastery of Savigny near l'Arbresle ... It is still the eponym of Puy-Saint-Gulmier in Auvergne. He is the boss of the blacksmiths."
(Source: Great book of saints cult and iconography in the West of Jacques Baudoin)
Roman Martyrology

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