19 February 2018

A Slightly Different Post

I am a history geek. As a boy, I read everything historical I could lay my hands on, novels, biographies, factual historical accounts, you name it. I majored in history in university and have continued my study of it throughout my adult life.

I have a special interest in the Great War, 1914-1918. As I've mentioned before, in my Remembrance Day posts, my Grandfather Oxley was a Gunner in the Royal Field Artillery in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and my Uncle Roy Wisemiller was a Private in the AEF on the Western Front.

I also enjoy watching videos that deal with historical subjects on YouTube. A couple of years ago, in surfing YouTube, I found a channel called 'The Great War'. Starting in 2014, they have been presenting weekly videos of what happened in that week in the war 100 years ago. Since I didn't discover them until 2016, I had a bit of catching up to do, but I finally did, going through each week in chronological order until I was current.

They also do biographical specials on people who became better known later, like Hitler and Mussolini, called 'Who Did What'. One of the interesting things is a series of episodes called 'Out of the Trenches', in which the host and narrator, Indy Neidel, takes questions that viewers have sent in regarding various topics dealing with the war. They also do special episodes on any number of topics such as weapons, naval warfare, what it was like on the home front, etc.

Below is a special episode on the role of animals in the war, which I really enjoyed. I urge my readers to check out the channel

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